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An Effective Language Stimulation App For Babies

The Beginning With Babble App Reminds Caregivers To Interact With Their Child (Ages 0-4) Through A Variety of Developmentally Appropriately Stimuli.

The app’s stimuli consist of written and audio prompts, as well as demonstrational videos. These prompts are situationally-based and scaffolded to better facilitate language-rich, back-and-forth interactions between caregivers and their children. Currently, the app is compatible with iPhones and Andriods.

Throughout the day, the Beginning with Babble mobile app will chime, sending notifications to the app’s user. Each notification will consist of a short, effective prompt that shares a developmentally appropriate language activity with the app’s user. This encourages caregivers to engage with their children in a meaningful, target-driven way that simultaneously builds pre-literacy skills and preschool readiness.

What Does This App Do?

Age Appropriate Tips

Your child’s birthday is entered into the app and age appropriate data is downloaded into your phone

Personalized Written Tips

When you type in your child’s name, Beginning with Babble will include their name in all written props

Video Tip Examples

Some tips have age appropriate videos showing you how to interact with your child

Audio Tips

Every tip has an audio file recording so that you can either read or listen to tips while you are on the go


At your leisure, you can search through all the library (videos, written prompts, and audio files) for tips that you like

You Can Schedule the Tips

You control when you want to receive tips throughout the day

Beginning with Babble helps with child development

By entering the child’s birthday into the app, caregivers allow Beginning with Babble to know the approximate developmental stage of their child.

As a child grows, the app will self-calculate the child’s age and adjust the prompts accordingly. Notifications are also personalized with the child’s name, entered within the text.